MIGA PRESS RELEASE: Precedent Exists for Revoking Liquor License Mid-Term

September 17, 2018

Campaign Urges ABC Board to Fairly Apply Law to Trump

(Washington, D.C.) - Today, lawyers for the original complainants sent a legal brief to the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board calling out the Board’s misguided decision to not recommend a hearing for the Trump International Hotel to show cause why its liquor license should not be revoked.

This decision was announced in a letter released by the Chairman of the Board last Wednesday, September 12, some three months after the initial complaint. In their opinion, the Board did acknowledge their obligation under the law to consider the owner’s character when evaluating liquor licenses within the District of Columbia, but, for the moment, has decided to reserve judgement on whether Mr. Trump is “of good character.”

Joshua A. Levy, the attorney who filed the complaint with the ABC Board, stated the following upon submission of the legal brief:

“Every day, there is new and compelling evidence of the President’s poor character, and the Board has a duty to act on it now. When the Board postponed a ruling on this complaint for next year, it was applying one standard to Mr. Trump after applying a different standard to other bar owners.  While the Board probably did not intend to treat the president above the law, the effect of their decision has done that.The Board should follow its precedent and its statute and act now.”

The letter to the Board cites precedent for revoking a liquor license during a licensee’s term, an action that Trump’s repeated violations of D.C. liquor laws clearly warrants.

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